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    I have P/shop C.C. and My Lightroom keeps closing down!


      As stated I have Photoshop C. C. and my Lightroom system keeps closing down. This has been happening for 3 days.


      I have been in touch with the Adobe Support Team twice and they have deleted and re installed the Lightroom System twice. This has had no effect except for the first file edited after the re installation.


      Initially the system shutdown after only 2 or 3 keyboard strokes when in Lightroom. After the re installation/s It sometimes shuts down in Lightroom, whilst at other times I can get all the way through to the "Save As" point in Photoshop after taking a file there for edits. BUT the Lightroom system shuts down with EVERY file I edit at some point.


      R there any answers out there?


      Kind Regards,




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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          Are you on Mac or Windows? What OS are you running? How much memory do you have allocated to Lr? Can you explain in detail what is happening? Are your images on your local drive or an external drive?

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            nwb005 Level 1

            I'm running Windows, Images r on Local Drive. I'm not sure how to measure how much memory is dedicated to L/room but I have a 2TB Hard Drive that is only half full.


            Initially [Thursday] the system simply shut down after only 2 or 3 keyboard strokes [any 3 strokes].
            Friday the same thing. Then I received a message "L/Room has Closed Down and you will have Reduced Functionality". I was informed that my trial period was over and that I needed to purchase a P/Shop C.C. package. I have however exactly that, I am financial and have 2 months to run on my current 12 month plan. 


            I then contacted the Adobe Support Team who corrected the "financial" issue and checked out my L/room system. After editing one file and sending it into P/shop for further edits without concerns the problem returned. This time it was at the point where I clicked on "Save AS" in P/shop.


            I again contacted the support team and my L/room function was removed from my Desktop and re installed. Again I was able to complete ONE file edit without concern, even closing the file, re opening it and making a further edit. Then it was back to the same issue, but now it might close down at some point in L/room or when I got to the "Save AS" point in P/Shop.


            Regards - Noel

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What version of Windows to you have installed on your computer?

              How much RAM do you have installed in your computer?

              Have you tried turning off the graphics processor unit in the Lightroom preferences?

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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                Based on my experiences in both desktop and laptop (I had multiple BSODs and shutdowns)- I suggest you first update your graphic card drivers direct from the GPU manufacturers website.


                The Windows Event Viewer can sometimes give clues to the cause of the shutdowns.