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    Layer (and null) motion paths disappear when playing.


      Screenshot 2017-05-19 18.30.37.png

      I've just recently switched over to CC from CS6, my thinking was "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". But clients are living in a CC world, so now I have to deal with it.


      I've got all my null layers tracking some footage and it's all visible, so that's fine. But if I want to play and watch my nulls move about the screen, they all disappear until I press the space bar to pause. Scrubbing through the timeline manually does not cause the paths/nulls to disappear. Below is what it looks like after I try to preview by pressing the Space Bar.

      Screenshot 2017-05-19 18.37.09.png

      I loved the functionality of seeing where my layers' anchor points were while playing and it's important to my workflow. Is there a way to turn that on again?