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    Text effect delay


      Hi there,


      I have created a composition and within each composition has a text effect which will work straight away. 


      I would like to have the text effect to initiate when the next trigger button is pushed. How would I be able to do this?


      Many thanks,


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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          hi Kelsea,

          in normal code you would add a name and id to both the target and the trigger but this is hard when you want it in a default Muse widget because they don't have names... there are some 3rd party widgets which are just a default Muse widget with a name tagged to it so unless you are ok with code I'd look here first.


          p.s, have you got any links to an example site with the thing you want?

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            Walful Level 1


            I have created what I would like done in Muse because I couldn't find anything similar.

            I am currently using the QooQee free widget called Text Magic.



            I have searched the internet for something that will fit what I am looking for but I cannot find anything that has a trigger activation.


            Thank you for helping me

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              Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

              that type of effect is called a Text Marquee but I'd be making it in Edge as an animation or Animate if you need it on a google add... suggest you post your example in some of the 3rd party widget makers forums and see if any of them want to make it