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    Procreate gestures in Adobe Sketch


      I just started using Adobe Sketch so I could use Kyle Webster's brushes. I'm okay with how it works so far but theres a few things I would like to be added.


      I want to be able to rotate my canvas in any orientation by using 2 fingers to twist, similar to Procreate. Also I would prefer if the undo gesture would be just a tap (no swipe, just tap) with 2 fingers, same with redo for 3 fingers. I'm very used to Procreate so I want the gestures there to be the same in Sketch to avoid confusion.


      Hope these will be considered for the next update. Thanks!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI Nonaracho.


          Thanks for giving Sketch a try and thanks for taking the time to post. 


          The Sketch team is rethinking/reworking some of the in-app gestures (I'm not sure whether undo/redo are among them) along with an easier way to rotate the canvas. I don't know when the changes might make it into the app, but they are definitely being considered/worked on.


          Glad you're liking the app for the most part.



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            nonaracho Level 1

            Hello Sue,


            Thank you for acknowledging my request. I would like to add some more if that would be alright.

            After using it again I've noticed that there's no option to import .psd files from Procreate to Adobe Sketch, and vice versa. It would be very convenient for me if I had the option to do that.

            Hopefully you will take that into consideration?




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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Nona.


              This is a request we hear with some frequency. And it's something the team is seriously considering/discussing but I don't know when/if the functionality will make it into Sketch.


              Sorry I don't have more information than that. But I'll definitely share your comments with the team.