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    Problem returning a string with "backslash-quote" in it to Javascript


      My problem: if I return a string with a "backslash-quote" sequence in it, something between Flash and Javascript is choking.

      Javascript doesn't get the string back, it gets "null" or "undefined" depending on the browser.

      If I return a string with just quotes in it, eg:

      return "hello: \"test\"";

      things work great. It's when there's actually \" *in* the string that things blow up, eg:

      return "hello: \\\" test";

      (note the backslash and quote are escaped themselves to generate a string with \" in it.)

      I have created a small flash applet to demonstrate the problem I am experiencing:


      Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround?

      Thanks for any help you can provide!