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    The file is not recognised by the raw format support in Lightroom. (1)


      Hey guys, I've been searching for something to help me all day here, and I've finally decided to post because nothing I have found has helped me.


      I have Lightroom CC 10.12, and Camera Raw CC 9.9, my camera is a Canon EOS M5, I'm shooting in RAW, this has never been an issue on my Windows machine, but on my Mac for some reason I am having problems.


      I've tried updating, no updates are available, and I've checked out the Camera Raw compatibility list here: Cameras supported by Camera Raw, and I have the correct versions to support the camera.


      Photoshop CC can easily open and manipulate my RAW files, I'm at a loss as to why Lightroom can't.


      Please help me, I'm having a mental breakdown over here. I just want to edit my photos!