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    The file is not recognised by the raw format support in Lightroom. (1)

    joshuajclark Level 1

      Hey guys, I've been searching for something to help me all day here, and I've finally decided to post because nothing I have found has helped me.


      I have Lightroom CC 10.12, and Camera Raw CC 9.9, my camera is a Canon EOS M5, I'm shooting in RAW, this has never been an issue on my Windows machine, but on my Mac for some reason I am having problems.


      I've tried updating, no updates are available, and I've checked out the Camera Raw compatibility list here: Cameras supported by Camera Raw, and I have the correct versions to support the camera.


      Photoshop CC can easily open and manipulate my RAW files, I'm at a loss as to why Lightroom can't.


      Please help me, I'm having a mental breakdown over here. I just want to edit my photos!