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    Tool Cursor Issue - Crosshairs only no brush tip circle showing

    LBDuxbury Level 1

      Does anybody know how to fix this cursor issue permanently. The circle showing the area that my tool will affect is no longer visible, only the the small cross. Please see below points for more information:

      1. It's definitely not fixed by the cap locks key. (When I toggle between caps lock on and off the circle shows up for a second and disappears again.)

      2. I attempted to fix the problem in the preferences and that did not work. I'm on normal brush mode. I have tried selecting "normal brush tip" as well as "full size brush tip" and have also tried deselecting "show cross hair in brush tip" and "show only cross hair in painting"

      3. I'm having the issue in Photoshop using an  iMac (OS Sierra version 10.12.4). The Apple update seems to be messing everything up. (Not just with Adobe).