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    Ligtroom startet nicht mehr ...


      Lightroom startet nicht mehr; Fehlermeldung:ERROR_Lightroom_2017_05_20.JPG


      Was kann ich tun, um das Programm wieder zu verwenden? Sind meine Bilder und Einstellungen verloren?

      Ich kann keinen anderen Katalog verwenden; dieser Katalog ist mein Einziger und in dem sind sämtliche Korrekturen meiner RAW files enthalten!


      Danke für die Hilfe,


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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          When Lightroom is opened, a lock file is created to prevent others from accessing the catalog. Normally, this file will be deleted when you close Lightroom, but if it doesn't close down properly because of a freeze or a power failure, it might not be deleted. You will then get an error message saying that the catalog is open in another application, and you can't launch LR.


          Open the File explorer and go to the folder that contains your Lightroom catalog (usually inside the Pictures or My Pictures folder) and delete the lock file - it's the one that ends with .lock. Do not delete anything else. Now try to launch Lightroom.



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            gabrielas99474706 Level 1

            Hello Per!


            Thank you very much for great support! Lightroom works again now ...