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    Problem Selecting Menu Items in InDesign 2017


      For a while now, I've had problems when trying to select menu items. For example, say I want to select something under the View Menu. I can select View, but as soon as I try to drop down to select an item under View, it gives me the Table drop-down items. If I try really hard to get the correct drop-down menu (or move over one to the right and try to select that menu)I can eventually get to what I'm trying to get to. It's been really exasperating. I'm attaching two screenshots. They are in reverse order. The bottom one is what I WANT. The top one is what I GET when I try to drop down. It happens with all the menus.


      Tried resetting preferences, but that made no difference. It's driving me NUTS!


      I'm on a PC/Windows 10, latest versions of Windows and InDesign.


      What I GET.pngWhat I WANT.png