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    Cannot get Photoshop CC 2017 to open.


      I have been having a devil of a time the past few days.  I have been using Photoshop CS6, and decided to make the jump to Photoshop CC 2017.  I am on a MacBook Pro, running MacOS Sierra 10.12.5.


      I uninstalled all previous Adobe products, ran the Adobe Creative Cloud Clean Tool to clear everything off.  I then restarted the computer.  I came back and installed Creative Cloud and Photoshop.  Photoshop opens, but gets to the point pictured below and is just hanging.


      Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 3.35.39 PM.png

      I've been working on this for a couple days straight.  I thought it might be due to past extensions and other leftover files from past versions of Adobe.  I re-cleaned it, and when I went to restart, my computer OS crashed.  I reinstalled MacOS Sierra and re cleaned, reinstalled Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC 2017.  And now, I'm hanging in the exact same spot again.


      Someone please help!  I have spent hours searching for some way to connect with Adobe to have someone help me and I cannot figure out a way to get any help from the company and can't seem to find any explanations or solutions when I search the forums.  Please help!



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          S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

          Hi, Dave. Is it truly hanging each time at *exactly* the same part of the installation progress? In other words - ALWAYS when it's at "Adding extension... Multiprocessor Support"?


          If you migrated anything from your old OS installation, first thing I'd likely do is create a "test" user - boot into that user and try opening Photoshop from there. If that works, some of what I've written below may help, when you boot back into your regular username.


          Another option is - since the CC2017 extensions are in the main OS Library folder, there may be a problem with your computer Username's permissions, so Adobe may be having trouble accessing them for you. I see you did a clean install of both the OS and Photoshop, but it never hurts to repair permissions. I'd recommend restarting into Recovery Mode (command R during computer startup, until you see the Apple) - (How to start up your Mac in Recovery Mode ). Then, DON'T let it do that installation it wants to do - once you tell it your language, you can find a Menu Item that opens Disk Utility. that way, you can repair disk AND repair permissions. Also - since Photoshop, by default, will try to use your GPU with as much power as possible, I recommend resetting your nvram - by holding down command, option, P, R during startup until you've heard at least 2 startup chimes. With all the installations and uninstallations you've been doing, that part of the boot process can get "confused", so it wouldn't hurt to do that too (macOS Sierra: Reset your computer’s NVRAM or PRAM ).

          If that still doesn't help, and you're working with a truly clean Photoshop installation, you may actually be having problems with one of the processors on your laptop. If that's the case, the Apple people can fix that for you (if you're still under warranty).


          If the hang is actually happening at other parts of the loading process, it's possible that there's a problem communicating with some of the internet features of the program. Try it with your wi-fi off and see if that helps. OR, it's possible that a font or two is conflicting with some of Photoshop's own fonts. When you reinstalled the OS, did you also reinstall any of your other older stuff?



          IF none of the above helps, or if you're just too burnt out to try all that, Adobe help is at (support))

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            djauwerda71 Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.  Yes, it hangs at the exact same spot.  I may try and shut it down one more time, just to confirm it, then I'll walk through the suggestions you have.


            Thanks for the reply.  It's more help than I've had in days.

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              djauwerda71 Level 1

              Well, after completing all the steps you listed, I'm still stuck.  I'm going to contact Adobe next through the link you provided to see what help they can offer.  If I still can't get it, I'll have someone look at the processors.


              It's all just very frustrating as my CS6 worked fine, and now I can't do anything and have projects to do.