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    Search Paragraph and Hyperlink Certain Words

      I have a column that can be up to 2000 characters long. When displaying the content, I want to create a link on certain items ("ClientID-"). There can be multiple items per record.

      Database String:
      I just got a call from Sally (ClientID-324). She said that Martin (ClientID-3456453) and Matt (ClientID-65744) were going to be late for the meeting.

      Displayed Value:
      I just got a call from Sally (<a href="displayClient.cfm?id=324">ClientID-324</a>). She said that Martin (<a href="displayClient.cfm?id=9958997">ClientID-9958997</a>) and Matt (<a href="displayClient.cfm?id=65744">ClientID-65744</a>) were going to be late for the meeting.

      This would give the end user the ability to click on "ClientID-????" and view the details page. The ClientID number can vary between 1 to 7 numbers and are always displayed after "ClientID-".

      So, I was the code to search for "ClientID-", find the number proceeding the "ClientID-" and add the code to make it a link.

      I looked at some of the CF Functions (Replace, Find, REFind, ReplaceNoCase, ReplaceList, REReplace) but my small brain found not figure it out.

      Thanks for the help,

      Sacramento, CA