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    Settings adjusting just by mouse hovering over it


      I have no clue what is happening but I feel like it's going to be some silly keyboard shortcut or something I hit on accident.  Anyway, when I go into Lightroom and go into Develop mode on ANY image, no matter where the image is located in the catalog/on my hard drive, as soon as I hover my mouse over any of the adjustments (such as exposure, contrast, shadows, etc..), they automatically go down.  For some reason, they only go to -33 for every one -- that is, if I hold my mouse over contrast for example, it'll go down until it hits -33 and then stops.  This is the same for all the other settings.


      Why is this happening?  Is it some keyboard shortcut I hit that did this?  I don't understand it and I searched for about an hour trying to find something like this and couldn't.


      Any help is appreciated.