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    CPU maxed after update


      Hi all. I just subscribed to CC and updated from the initial Lightroom 6 to 2015.10. Now nearly any action maxes out the CPU in the library or develop modules. Used to work fine, now incredibly sluggish.



      I've tried the usual suspects: uninstalling, uninstalling and deleting hidden application files, deselecting GPU use, etc. Nada. No hardware change: working on a Mac with 32 GB of RAM, etc.


      Any ideas? Thanks for your help!




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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What Mac do you have? 32GB of memory implies a fairly recent one. Likely you should have GPU set to on on this machine. What you should check is whether you have facial recognition turned off in catalog settings->Metadata (tick off "Automatically detect faces in photos") which is a major performance drain and that your previews are set to the correct size in Catalog Settings->File Handling. It should be set to Auto. Then also check Lightroom Preferences->File Handling and Purge both caches at the bottom. Set the Camera Raw Cache to a reasonable value but not too large and make sure it is on your fastest disk (usually the internal SSD drive). Something like 5 to 20GB is generally fine. More just eats hard disk space. Less doesn't give you speed benefit. Lastly, make sure your main system drive has enough free space. At least 25% of its capacity should be free. SSD drives slow down terribly if you get close to their capacity.