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    Shape/Path Tween Problem

    ahainen Level 1

      After Effects - Path Tween Problem - YouTube


      This problem is even more prevalent when copy/pasting shapes from Illustrator.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And what exactly? It works how it always has. There is no "problem". You just have to adapt your workflows to be able to predict how something will turn out and help it along with the usual things like defining a first vertex and using a consistent number of path points.



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            ahainen Level 1

            Alright, let's go through this:


            "It works how it always has." - Not disagreeing. I've had this problem for years, I've just struggled with it repeatedly until just doing it over different ways straightened it out, but I don't what I did that caused how the shape tween to interpret it differently.


            What I'm asking is how to adapt my workflows. I don't know how After Effects calculates transitioning a circle to a square over a duration. What I'm not looking for is "Shape shrinks all the way down to completely gone, and then pops back into the new shape."


            There are often times where I'm morphing something with X amount of points into something with Y amount of points. This works sometimes for me, often it doesn't. I can see that as me needing to change my workflow, but I don't understand why it works sometimes and not others.


            Furthermore, this "problem" is almost ALWAYS there when I copy and paste a shape from Illustrator, whereas redoing it in AE makes it happen less often. Essentially, I'm asking how to work with the program better as I don't understand the calculations it's doing.

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              ahainen Level 1

              Furthermore, in the video I have a shape tween with a shape going from 4 points to 4 points. Just confused at how to work with this

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                ahainen Level 1

                Alright, a little bit of progress:


                Converting an Ellipse to a Path produces way more problems than just drawing it as a path originally (holding Alt while creating the shape).


                Will post more details/videos as I go