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    Lightroom Pix Are There But Not There


      I have over 8,000 stills in my Mac Pro version of Lightroom and all are marked to sync with Lightroom Mobile on my iPad Pro.  All showed up beautifully till my iPad ran into difficulty during a routine backup via iTunes.  I was required to restore the iPad to factory and then use the most recent backup to reconstruct its current state.  iPad now working fine.  I signed into Lightroom Mobile and it started to sync.  This seemed to be taking all day, with no stills actually appearing, so eventually I quit the Lightroom Mobile app on the iPad, restarted the iPad and signed back in to LR Mobile. 


      Almost all the grids, (within individual collections and on the screen that should show all my synced stills), are blank but the stills are there.  I know this because, if I touch the dark frame where a still should be, the wheel circles for a bit and then the still appears.  If I swipe through the collection, each still correctly appears in turn after a short pause.  But when I go back to the index screen, it is still blank.  Even the stills which have downloaded individually in the way I've just described don't show.  If I touch the cloud symbol next to the Lr at the top left of the screen, the message says, 'All up to date". 


      All the collections still have the 'sync' symbol showing in my desktop LR and individual stills can be accessed by touching the blank space where they should be, as I've described.  But nothing bar a few odd stills shows up in the index screens.  Can anyone help me explain this odd behaviour?


      I've re-started the iPad, restarted the app, signed out and back in to the app, restarted LR on my desktop, all to no avail. I could really use some advice.