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    Adobe Digital Editions limited compatability


      My original 2010 Kobo hasn't been able to sync with Kobo for years.  I download new books from Kobo to Adobe Digital Editions then connect my old Kobo reader to it to add the books.  However, My Kobo just died.  I purchased a Kobo Vox, then discovered it wasn't compatible with ADE.


      I'm now considering purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" SM-T350NZAAXAR, as it's supposed to be compatible.  Can anyone confirm that it is
      compatible.  And if so, when I connect and my tablet is authorized/recognized, what app do I drag my books to?


      Appreciate any guidence.

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          These thieves support nothing. Thier app for Android is worse than useless as it fails to support commonly used devices, such as the Galaxy Tab 2. I invested a lot of money in Adobe Digital Editions books, only to be screwed over because Adobe DO NOT SUPPORT the format even close to as well as they should. PISSED OFF!

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            I have been buying books from Kobo, as well as other places and I read them all on my Android tablet.  When I download the Kobo books to my computer, I just change the very long name that they give it to the actual book name, and it saves perfectly to my computer.  Then I can read it in any eBook reader on my tablet.  I do have problems with the .acsm files sometimes, trying to open them in Digital Editions, but I just keep trying every now and again, and eventually I stop getting the message that DE can't open the file (after it has downloaded perfectly)

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              52kid Level 1

              Why don't you try reading them with another reader?  Just copy the epub files from the My Digital Editions folder, to a folder on your tablet, and away you go - import them into a reader and you'll be reading in no time.


              Sorry Adobe, but your Digital Editions is a pretty poor program