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    Why does LR make second copy (xxx-2) plus zip copy of dng files and can I stop that?

    MPDAEF Level 1

      Haven't found any setting to disable that behavior, which does take up hard drive space.  LR makes a copy (.-2) of file and then uses that copy instead of the original file, which is in addition to the .zip file and so makes three.  It also insists on using the -2 files as the current catalog files.  If I delete those, it can't, of course, find the photos.  And if I keep the -2 copy and delete the original, it will, I believe, make a xxx-3 version.


      I assume there's a reason for this (and maybe it's always been this way), but I haven't found any info.   If there's just a setting I've missed, I'd love to be able to change this behavior and save the space.  This doesn't happen with .jpegs, so maybe it happens during the "convert to .dng on import" setting?


      I use LR CC, and it is up to date.  Also, Windows 10, 64-bit. I use a Surface Book, which has limited hard drive space, so I now have all my photos on an external drive.  It's a bit slower than the old way, but it seems otherwise to work well.  (I'm not sure that "delete from disk" always does so, but that's a conversation for another day.)