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    I work on Mac, running ElCapitan and was a paid user of Acrobat Pro..when I upgraded my operating system it nolonger worked. Now I need to buy something to again combine PDFs into a password encrypted SECURITY ENVELOPE. Can anyone suggest what I should do


      I am having one of those days...trying to complete a simple task--bundle some PDFs into a security envelope, and send them off.....BUT, oh no, not so easy:

      1. since I upgraded my Mac operating system my much loved Adobe Acrobat Pro will not work. I was told it would not work on OS 10.

      2. I have tried every recommended way of saving my current PDFs as password protected files, but again--nope, not working

           -the "print to PDF trick"--where you get the option of password protecting, is not working--since "print to PDF" is not appearing as an option

           - the "hidden disk image trick" is not going to solve the problem--as I need to email the password protected file of PDFs...

      3. So I went to Adobe's website and tried to buy some software, but nowhere is it clear what to buy, how to buy, what works with Mac...what will do the task I want to accomplish

      4. So, I tried to download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC...It would not download.


      Anybody have any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance....