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    Need help with camera raw for newer cameras on PS CS5

    Cortney Roth

      I just recently learned that my daughters brand new D3200 and other RAW (NEF) images won't load on my trusty PS CS5.   I don't want to pay monthly for Photoshop and their updates, I'm happy with CS5 and need help with the plug-in / add-on.


      As a temp fix I signed up for some stupid website that converts them to jpeg, which irks me.  I'm a rabid RAW user and feel dirty.


      I've tried downloading the app plugins and get error messages or the downloads from the Adobe site say they are "damaged" and can't figure out what to do.  Currently I'm so mad that I even have to ask for help here....  Also does anyone else think if they paid some $500 or whatever for PS whatever, they should help out?  Why is the onus on good people who are just bored on forums?


      Anyhow, any help is appreciated.