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    Wanting fields with default values to hide


      I'm an absolute beginner with JS. I'm trying to get multiple fields holding default values to hide when I use a checkbox.  This is my code 


      var nHide = event.target.isBoxChecked(0)? display.hidden:display.visible; 

      var f = this.getField("TitreNom4L"); if(f.value==f.defaultValue) f.display = nHide;


      However, all the fields hide, even when the default value has been replaced. Please help me with what I am doing wrong.

      Note : At first, i wanted it as an action just before print, but nothing happened at all. At least with a checkbox the fields do react.


      Thank you.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Where did you place that code - what field and what event (e.g., Mouse Up event of a check box)

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            JR_Boulay Adobe Community Professional

            Place default texts as "default value" in your text fields, and place this JavaScript as a Custom Format Script:


            sValDefo = event.target.defaultValue;
            if (!event.value) {
                // manage value
                event.value = sValDefo;
                // manage text color
                event.target.textColor = event.value == sValDefo ? color.ltGray : color.black;
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              Eli-zabelle Level 1

              I was able to solve my problem with findings after I browsed discussions here. My working code, which doesn't print a default text and colors it gray, but makes the new entry printable, black and uppercase, is now this one :


              in custom format script :


              // If field is blank, do not print this field 

              event.target.display = event.value ? display.visible : display.noPrint; 


              // If field is blank, display this text 

              if (!event.value) event.value = "Receiver", event.target.textColor = color.gray;


              event.value = event.value.toUpperCase(), event.target.textColor = color.black;



              To make it work properly, I must eliminate all default text from the options tab. However, my new problem is that it can't apply to one of my fields, a dropdown list, because this one can't be without a default text. And I have tried to alter my code to make it work but couldn't come up with a solution.


              Any ideas on how to make a similar code for a dropdown list?


              Thank you.



              I'm replying to myself again...if it should be useful for someone. I found my second solution using an array to represent my dropdown list.


              var multipleValues = [];







              if(event.target.value == multipleValues[0])

              event.target.display = display.noPrint, event.target.textColor = color.gray;


              event.target.display = display.visible, event.target.textColor = color.black;