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    swapDepth vs. something else

      I have 3-4 movieclips on my stage that are thumbnails and onRollOver they each pop up to reveal a larger image...

      The problem I am having is that on some of the popups, the thumbnails of some of the images are on top of the larger image. I've looked around and found swapDepth and have tried that... but it's acting funky: i.e. It will initially work, but if I roll over the same image twice, it swaps the depth again.

      Is there any other way to have the Z order of each movie clip change to the highest value onRollOver? So that when mc1 is rolledover, it's Z value =10 (and each of the others is less than that), and when mc2 is rolledover then it's Z value changes to 10 and now is on top of all the others....

      Any info would be appreciated.