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    Integrated graphics card for Premiere Pro


      Hi I am an aspiring videographer and editor and so I am currently buying a new laptop to install the newest Premiere Pro onto. Please listen to the dilemma I'm faced with.


      I am unsure if the graphics card on the laptop I have chosen is strong enough? This laptop has an integrated GPU which isn't on the list of recommended graphics cards that we should have to be using Premier Pro.

      The laptop model is HP X0Q13EA, found on http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/hp-core-i7-6500u-8gb-256gb-ssd-dvd-rw-15.6-inch-windows-10- professional-lap-x0q13ea/version.asp?refsource=Ldadwords&gclid=COjirK3-gdQCFQEA0wodhDML8Q# /specs


      The processor is Intel Core i7 6500U, so is appropriate, and the laptop has a very large SSD so the processor is powerful and it's a quick laptop.

      According to Wikipedia, laptops with this processor have the GPU called HD Graphics 520. This is not found on Adobe's recommended graphics cards found on this link https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/system-requirements.html


      Considering the specs of this laptop, will it hold up with premiere pro? I have read online that GPU is mostly important for rendering, but if the rest of the specs are so good surely this shouldn't take too much longer with a low spec GPU.


      Please can someone advise me and let me know if I'm making the right decision going with this laptop, it's a great deal and I would love to take it. Thank you very much!!