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    Fixing Script


      Hello.. i need help badly..

      now i am working on a project that requires me to set frames vertically like that.. i have to do more than 200 frames manually daily.. setting them frame by frame.. it takes a lot of effort and is really tiring.. i dont know how to script.. i am not a pro or anything.. just a simple user and this is giving me nightmares


      i searched on the internet and i found a script for AE here Rendering png/jpg sequence into one png/jpg file .. i tried to use it but its not accurate..


      as u can see i have the frames at the edges


      but when i apply the script they look like that.. i cant have that space at the top.. i need it to be starting from the very top pixel


      also frames are into eachother by 1 pixel..



      will anyone help me to fix this script please ? i am so tired.. i literally spend 12 hrs everyday just to adjust all frames 1 by 1


      thank you so much

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          foughtthelaw Adobe Community Professional

          yeah that expression won't help you and you're WAY overthinking this. try this:


          1. set your comp height to the height of each frame * the number of frames (so 100 frames 100px tall would be a 10,000px tall comp)
          2. select ALL layers and set the Position to (0,0) and the Anchor point to (0,0) and all your layers will be a the top of the comp
          3. select the first layer and apply the following expression to the position value

                    x = value[0];

                    y = thisLayer.height*(index-1);



          then select the top layers position, copy, and select ALL layers and paste. your layers will be perfectly spaced out vertically based on their order in the comp.