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    Terrible Export Quality to PDF


      We created a magazine for a client last year, and are doing it again this year.  The printer requires PDF version 4, all fonts converted to outlines.  We maximized the quality as much as possible. A 20 page magazine was around 122 meg. Photos and client supplied ads (placed as TIFF or JPG) came out perfect. Anything created in InDesign looked terrible. Text looked like 50% quality JPG images (fuzzy with random gray grain around the text). Any double L's (all, ball, etc.) looked like big solid rectangles - I instead of ll. Lower case "i" looked almost as bad.  The PDF file looked this way before print, but the printer assured us it was a preview issue. We should have known better, but believed them. The print version looked worse.  Exporting using the default press quality was perfect - but the printer (PsPrint), refused to accept it. They wanted version 4.


      Any suggestions? Right now I'm looking at exporting the pages as JPG because the quality as so much better than what they want as PDF.