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    ADE 4.5 and win 10 "user not activated"


      I've researched, unauthorized, reauthorized, deleted the ADE file on the e-reader, deleted and reinstalled ADE, you name it.

      I've tried both an older version of ADE and the newest on one win 10 laptop and still get a "user not activated" error on every epub book from the library. They load to my Nook but the error comes up upon trying to open the book(s). I thought the newest version of ADE/win10 combination might be the problem so I even tried an older version (4.0) and no luck.


      However, if I use a different laptop with win 10 and ADE 4.0 the books are able to be opened on the nook with no issues. The same combination on the laptop I'm trying to fix results in the error.


      Is this a issue of conflict with the authorization ID's perhaps? How do I correct it if that's the issue?

      Any ideas or input would be appreciated.