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    Composition Resolution Bug?

    kpdalton Level 1

      I had my preview resolution in my comp window set to "Auto." When I would start transforming the image or applying affects, I noticed that it would drastically change into a wierd, glitched look. After troubleshooting a bit, I realized that when I set the resolution to full, the problem went away. So each time the auto resolution changed, the image would distort a ton. While Full Resolution looked fine, if I switched it to "Half" or "Third" or etc., the image would completely change. Each of the resolutions had their own effect on the image (I will attach screenshots below.) All of these happened just by changing the composition preview resolution, nothing else.

      While the short term solution is to work in full resolution, is there anything I can do to fix this? Has anyone else experienced this?


      FYI: My specs are Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12, Intel i7, Nvidia Geforce GTX780, 32 GB RAM.