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    How to insert social media icons?

    lindseyb93586599 Level 1

      HI all, is there a quick way to insert social media icons for Twitter, Facebook .into my document in InDesign?


      Do I have to download them and insert as an image or I heard there was a special font, social pro or something, I can use which when you type in the F or T it automatically changes it to the Facebook and Twitter symbol?


      Thanks in advance.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Both are possible (although I don't know what font that would be; technically at least it's not a problem).


          Advantage of images: they typically are in the correct colors. A font would initially take on your main text color, and you have to manually set the correct color. You'd also have a problem with multi-color icons.


          Advantage of a font: unless it's an extremely bad one, it's all in vectors. However, per definition, you lose the correct coloring (I don't believe current InDesigns already support colored fonts).


          A typical freshly downloaded icon that looks just fine in your web browser, has technically way too small a resolution to be printed smoothly. You could use it anyway (based on the pragmatic point of view "because that is exactly what it looks like"), or hunt for a larger version – in which case you are best off hunting for a vector version, rather than a higher resolution bitmap.

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            amaarora Adobe Employee


            Or maybe using something like Re: Auto replace text with an object  if you have multiple instances where you wish to replace...



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              vinny38 Level 4


              Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to download their logo in a vector format (.EPS)

              I believe that would be the best way to import them: no quality loss and official colors.

              Besides, guidelines are also available. You might find them useful.

              Facebook Brand Resources

              Twitter Brand Resources


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