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    mouth-animation, interpolate keyframes from precomp (with framesToTime) without playing other frames


      Hello there,



      i am animating a character. In a pre-comp i set 10 different mouthpositions every 25th frame. There are many pixelbased layers from Photoshop which i transformed with puppetpins into every single position (like "O", "AH", laughing, etc.).

      In the main composition i enabled timeremapping at this pre-comp and gave it a slidereffect.


      mouth=effect("Slider Control")("Slider")


      So i am able to jump to every single mouthposition in the precomp.

      But when i want to interpolate from position 1 to position 4 in my precomp it also animates position 2 and 3, for sure.


      When i use hold frames it directly jumps to the wanted frame, but then i am missing the linear interpolation and the animation.


      So i am searching for a possibility to interpolate from 1 to 4 by skipping position 2 and 3.

      Any ideas?


      Range of first 4 shapes/position (Zustand = state)



      the Precomp in the main comp.