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    Copying CSS from layer. Why it gives the wrong px pt conversion? 16pt=16px


      Hi, I am extrapolating the css of the different h1/2/3/4 ... from the layers in photoshop.

      I noticed that the css is in PX but it gives me the conversion 1px=1pt which isn't correct. It is to say I have a copy of 16pt in Photoshop and the css gives me 16PX... but it is wrong! Should be 21.33px

      I tried changing the units in the preferences in Photoshop to px but still it converts as 1pt=1px so the copy that was 16pt in photoshop is 16px if I put the units in pixels.

      Is there a way to avoid this problem and have the correct conversion?

      Otherwise CSS from layer is kind of pointless ....