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    Opening File (standard) crashes Photoshop ?

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      I've run into an odd problem, which I've never experienced.  With the most recent update to Photoshop 2017.1.1 when within a standard account in Windows10(1703) attempting to simply open a file (File > Open) Photoshop Crashes.  Although when opening Photoshop (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT) I loose my workspace but I can open a file (File > Open) ?

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          CC 2015 crash.jpg

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            StrongBeaver Level 3

            Checking error logs the problem comes from Shell32.dll. 


            As I mentioned I run Photoshop as a standard user, when running Photoshop via (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT) as most are familiar with this resets your Photoshop preferences; although in my case it doesn't.  That is because I'm not logged in as an Administrator, therefore my Photoshop preferences remain untouched and it is using the (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT) method to open Photoshop that I'm able to open any file once Photoshop is loaded. 


            What is causing this problem as a standard user, my Windows updates are up to current, it's not as if Photoshop doesn't load. There is no malware, virus this is between Photoshop and Windows.

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