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    Media Not Found. “File Import Failure. This type of file is not supported”




      Hoping the forum can help as I am pretty desperate now.


      I am using Windows 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 14. I recently had to reinstall AP and since then cannot open a project to carry on working on it.


      However when I try to do it I get the message – “File Import Failure. This type of file is not supported” Also reference to maybe not having the right codec


      The files are still sitting in the directory they always were which is the one AP sets up on my drive when installing. No external drives involved.


      Thanks to these forums these are the things I have tried –


      • Installing Quicktime – No difference
      • Looking for a dialogue box asking me where my files are – I don’t get one
      • Using Project Archiver – When trying to work with the archived project I get the same message
      • Edit – Locate Media (This option is always greyed out)


      Would really appreciate help here as what works for others does not seem to work for me.