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    Jerky video playback

    lleighton Level 1

      I've built a flex app that displays h264 video and for the most part it works fine. Due to the nature of the project I'm unable to post any code but would really appreciate some advice.

      The problem is in IE on XP and Vista I'm seeing jerky/jittery playback of videos. The vid plays but with occasional frame stutter. It's obviously something within my app that is causing this as using a video component on its own does not reproduce the problem.

      I've tried turning things on and off in every combination I can think off but have yet to come to a solution. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any components in the flex framework that when used in conjunction with video/netconnections/netstreams can cause problems with Video playback on windows with IE. FF2/3 on windows unaffected and OSX completely unaffected.

      Any and all pointers very much appreciated,

      Many thanks!