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    License for Minion Pro font

    Jeremy Benisek-District 8

      My question is focused at Website Hosting usage like at WIX. I'd like to use Myriad Pro on my website as it's on our printed boxes and other marketing material. I haven't found a clear statement of that process or if I'm required to purchase the $300 lic for it to be used on the website. We are a CS subscriber. When we've gone to print they required us to outline everything so we haven't had any other issues with fonts until trying to get it on Wix.com. As stated above I think I'm legally covered as we didn't share the font or include it.


      Please explain clearly how website usage of Adobe owned fonts works.


      Thank you,



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          A CC subscription includes a Typekit subscription for desktop and web fonts. Check Typekit to see if there’s a web version of the font that’s available.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            As your question has nothing to do with InDesign I've moved it to the Typekit forum where you'll get more help on licensing fonts for use on the web.

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              ChristopherSlye Adobe Employee

              Hi Jeremy. Currently the only way we license Myriad Pro for web use is via Typekit. (Self-hosting or third-party hosting is not allowed.) As Bob said, a full CC subscription includes Typekit, and all styles of Myriad are available for web use. You can see the details on Myriad's availability page on Typekit.


              I hope that helps.  -Christopher

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                Hello Christopher,

                In 2012 I published a book, A Call to Vision: A Jesuit's Perspective on the World. It's 228 pages, depicting my 50 years as a photographer. It uses Minion Regular, Minion Italic, and Minion MM Ornaments. I converted the book from signature formats to single page layout in InDesign. I want to create an ebook both in iBooks and as an ePub.  When exporting as an ePub, it would not allow me to use those fonts.  I then went to purchase those fonts. The Linotype site allows me to chose those fonts,  but only allows the purchase of the Minion Pro fonts.


                Any suggestions? Thank you, Don Doll, www.magisproductions.org

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                  ChristopherSlye Adobe Employee

                  Hi Don. Can you clarify the problem you're trying to solve? I see at least two issues:


                  Minion MM is an old Type 1, multiple master format that we no longer sell or support. Adobe deprecated Type 1 fonts after it converted its library to OpenType about 15 years ago, so although MM fonts might work in certain environments, we can't support or troubleshoot it. They might or might not technically work for document embedding.


                  Adobe fonts sold with Adobe's own font EULA (through Adobe Font Folio and Fontspring, today) allow embedding in electronic documents (like PDF and eBook). This is also the case with Typekit sync fonts. This permission is dictated by the license terms, but those fonts should also have their "embedding bits" set to allow it. However, fonts sold through resellers such as Linotype come with that reseller's own license terms, which might or might not allow document embedding, and embedding permissions in the font might also prevent it. If you are trying to embed fonts licensed via Linotype, you'll need to consult your EULA, and contact Linotype with questions.


                  If you can explain what you're asking, I'll try to help further.