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    What is the best headset for audio capture for Captivate 3?

      Hello All,

      I have seen a few posts now that talk about issues with headsets. There has to be people out there that have had success. I am curious because I need to purchase a new set. Please share your headset hardware successes per operating system (XP/Vista). List the manufacturer and model #, and feel free to expand on sound quality, pros/cons and other information of the set.

      Thank you,

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          Hi Tim

          On a "behind the scenes" list, I saw the following discussion. Perhaps bits of it will help here. (Names removed and basic snippets related to microphones were captured)

          One person suggested a device called the Rode Podcaster.
          Link is here

          Another person offered these suggestions:
          ...I use a Logitech USB microphone. It’s plug and play easy. I think the one I use is a Clearchat pro. I have been going through one about every 6-8 months. Avoid any wireless or Bluetooth mics at all cost as their quality reaches new levels of suckage.
          Link is here

          And another poster had this to say:
          Regarding headsets, it’s nice to buy models that have the USB dongle as an option, so you still can use it "analog" and plug into mic jack too. My logitec has this.

          And yet another said this:
          I originally got a Logitech ClearChat Comfort, but it started shorting out after a few podcasts. I now use a Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000. I have to say that, despite it being a "Microsoft" product, the quality, audio and otherwise is superior to the Logitech.

          I recently was gifted a Blue Snowball with the shock mount and a pop filter. I will be using that for roundtables...
          LifeChat link is here
          Blue Snowball link is here

          Then the conversation went this way:
          I have to second the Logitech corded headsets. They’re not rugged enough to take heavy abuse and are far from studio quality. But they’re inexpensive and for routine conferencing (such as with Skype) and recording, their older 350 and new ClearChat Pro USB models seem to be fine for me.

          The adjustable boom mike works quite well for voice recording, and the comfortable headset is fine for long periods of music listening over my Mac with surprisingly high-quality sound. And it’s literally plug ’n’ play without any special software.

          An advantage to a close boom mike is no feedback. And at least with the ClearChat Pro, noise cancellation is built in. And there is a mute button.

          And I agree -- buy a corded USB model.

          Someone else chimed in with:
          I really like the plantronics headsets (Logitech too) - I avoid wireless - but both are inexpensive and the plantronics can really take a beating and they last a long time.
          Link is here

          And someone seconded that with:
          This was my experience, too -- I have the Plantronics DSP500 (older model). I’ve used it for over 3 years to do audio podcasts and lynda.com videos (I did a whole title from home, and the lynda.com folks said the audio was almost as good as being in a soundbooth on location).

          Then was said:
          +1 on the Logitech corded USB headsets. I’ve used a Logitech 350 for all...

          Personally, I use a Microsoft LifeChat headset mic and I like the quality it delivers too.

          So there you have it. Hopefully you will find some useful nuggets there!

          Sincerely... Rick
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            Awesome Feedback! (pardon the pun)

            Thank you Rick!