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    Is it possible to (truly) automate layer properties InDesign Server

    robd77397646 Level 1

      This is a bit of a general question looking for feasibility rather than actual code.


      I have written a PoC script for desktop InDesign that updates the GraphicLayerOptions of a placed illustrator file in an InDesign doc and then exports a PDF based on a preset. Currently a user has to paste in a list of layers to turn in via a dialogue box (layer x,layery,layer z). This currently gets split into an array to use in the script.


      My intention is for this list of layers (along with other text based info) to be pulled from a database and passed to the .jsx and InDesign do its magic resulting in the PDF.


      I want to do this in order to create multiple bespoke PDFs, each with a different layer combination from the .ai to create a personalised document. It could be that I am cycling through 50 database entries at a time. Therefore ideally I want this to run as a scheduled task on a server without human interaction...is this possible?


      I assume I would need InDesign CCServer running on AWS, with a custom script and further (external to InDesign) scripts.


      Should I be looking to partner with the likes of Buying guide: Find a partner | Adobe InDesign CC Server


      Any help greatly appreciated to point me in the right direction.