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    Printing Issue - Long Edge/Short Edge


      Hi, I'm printing a layout that is double sided but when I print Long Edge,  The Front side is towards the bottom of the page and the back side is towards the top of the page.   When I print on Short Edge the the Front side is towards the left of the page and the Back side is towards the Left of the page. 


      How do I set it up to be perfectly aligned in the middle when I print. My printer doesn't seem to have any more option I can play with.


      My PDF preview looks correct So I'm pretty sure its a printer setting.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          What application are you printing from?

          What printer are you printing to?

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            vinny38 Level 4


            If I understand you correctly, your document is smaller than the page format output, right?

            If so, there are several ways to center your PDF on a paper sheet.


            Option 1:

            In Indesign, use "Print" feature (could be direct to printer, or to a PDF)

            Print feature allows you to set the paper size (Format du papier), and to center your artwork:



            Option 2 (the one I would personally use):

            In Acrobat Print panel, uncheck "Choose Paper Source By PDF Page Size", then set Orientation to "auto". See example below:



            Of course, these settings may vary depending on your OS (Mac, Windows?), software versions, use of a print manager and so on... so if you don't manage to solve your problem, please be more specific.


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