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    AutomationException: 0x800a13e9

    mjoshi Level 1
      Hi All,

      I have been testing our new server Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition on which ColdFusion 8 was installed. After the installation, I copied one of our applications and tested it. It throws the COM object error "AutomationException: 0x800a13e9" The error message is, "There is insufficient memory. Save the document now in 'Microsoft Word'. Word Com object is used for creating documents on-the-fly.

      The exact same application is running in production on a ColdFusion 7 server running on a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. On both the server machines Office 2003 is installed.

      Can anybody tell me anything about the error? Why is it throwing an error? Basically, first I would like to isolate if its Windows Server 2008 problem or ColdFusion 8 problem. There is no change in the version of MS Word being used. Please help.

      - Milind Joshi
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          mjoshi Level 1
          I am answering my own question after doing some research on the error code. To fix such error, the COM app needs to be in interactive mode.

          Run 'dcomcnfg.exe'. To make the necessary changes follow this Component Services => My Computer ==> DCOM Config ==> Microsoft Word Document. Right click 'Microsoft Word Document' and get properties. It opens a bunch of tabs. Select the last tab named 'Identity'. Click on the radiobutton that says 'The Interactive User'.

          Hope this helps.
          - Milind Joshi