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    How to Opt-Out of Auto-Renewal for Next subsequent Year


      Hello Support,


      I purchased Photography Plan on monthly basis. After purchasing I received an email whereby it was writen-


      "Auto-Renewal Plan

      Your one-year commitment will be automatically renewed each year through our auto-renewal plan, until you cancel. You authorize Digital River to automatically renew your one-year commitment "

      "You can cancel your participation in the auto-renewal plan as described below. The Digital River Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy will apply to your initial purchase and each annual renewal transaction.


      We’d hate to see you go, but if you cancel within the first 14 days, we’ll give you a full refund. If you want to cancel your one-year commitment after that, you’ll be billed 50% of your remaining contract obligation. You can also opt out of the auto-renewal plan at any time to stop future automatic renewals. To cancel your commitment or to opt-out of the auto-renewal plan, just call Customer Support."



      Surprisingly, when I contact support for the same, I find that the support person was unable to help me on this. And infact has NO Idea about it. She simply denies to do so.

      And says that If at all I opt-out of Auto-Renewal then the whole subscription will be cancelled and after one month I won't be able to use it.


      Also, I have to remind the support person in 12th Month of the subscription period, that is May 2018, to Opt-Out of Auto-Renewal. And by this she means, that she will simply cancel the subscription and won't actually enable the Opt-out of Auto-Renewal for Next year.


      Case ID - Your Case Number:0222073763


      My point is-


      1. First of all, Auto-Renewal on next year or subsequent Years should not happen without asking customers and without taking their consent in written or similar means.

      Also, there must be an option to enable / disable the Auto-Renew from within account settings of each customer. There must be some sort of feature available directly to us within our account.

      So that one can enable / disable the Auto-REnew on their own, rather than asking Customer Support, who don't even know about this.

      And if at all they knows, they deny to provide support or to act as per our requirement.


      2. It looks like most of the customer support are not even aware of most features and how to provide support. They even have lack of knowledge and training.

      That can be seen from the Chat history of that case ID and other one too, which I opened prior to that.


      3. Also, my Case was closed Automatically without my Prior Consent, and infact even though my issue was not resolved.

      This is the last line which support person says to me during chat session-


      "Anindya: I will keep this case open and you can see the status of the case."


      Even after this, my case got closed same day / time without my consent and without resolving my concern. Isn't that pathetic.


      • Is this the kind of support we customers should rely on.
      • Is this the kind of support Adobe should provide. Are they really tracking each Case LOG / ID
      • Are they verifying the details of kind of support we people are having.


      4. There should be "e-mail support" also for PAID members atleast, so that we can atleast keep track of our support and can have it until the case got resolved.

      Alongwith the Case ID.


      This is one area where Adobe really needs to take care of and think of to resolve all such concerns regarding Subscriptions, payments and other relevant features.


      5. Finally, I want to actually opt-out of Auto-Renewal for next Year and not the current  year. I do not want the system to charge my card automatically after May 2018, next year, when my first year subscription expires.


      It should prompt me whether I need to continue to 2nd year or not. If I do not answer or respond by any means, then the system should cancel my subscription for next year, but should not charge my card at all, by any means.


      6. If nothing can be done from your side, then I would surely have to cancel my subscription, due to lack of features, safety, security and non-availability of the basic and required function like to Disable / Enable for - "Opt-Out of Auto-Renewal Next Year" and also on monthly basis.


      I would have to cancel it within 14 days of Grace period, so that I can have my money back.

      This could be the reason, why many people uses Pirated / Cracked software rather than buying original or Paid services.


      Just because of lack of Proper Support, features, convenience, security and safety.


      • I wish Official Adobe team member could read this and surely provide such benefits and features in their next updates, as early as possible.
      • Also, if they can take of Ticket IDs and see why they were set to "Closed / Resolved" without prior consent.
      • And if they could improve the support system. And add the "e-mail support" option also.


      Kindly help me to resolve this concern on expedited basis, with as much details as you can provide.

      I would appreciate to receive your response point wise.