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    Photoshop CC mouse cursor is tiny

    Ostrich4 Level 1

      Hi, I just got Photoshop CC on a computer with high-dpi, and most of the interface is pretty small, but the mouse cursor is fine. Setting dpi aware to false in Photoshop.exe's manifest solves this, but then the mouse cursor becomes tiny, which is especially annoying for tools like the brush and pencil.




      Changing the UI Font Size and Scaling only affects the one with dpi aware set to false, where the UI is already fine, and it doesn't change the mouse cursor. Windows' settings don't help either, they just make everything else on my computer huge. I thought about looking for the mouse cursor files in the dll's and replacing them with bigger versions of themselves, but I haven't been able to find them, and the files I have replaced haven't had any effects on either version of the .exe. If I do find them, will this work? Or is there another way around this problem?