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    I can't reinstall my Lightroom 6.


      I have been running my Lightroom 6 for a couple of years or more and I had the CC app on my desktop and I kept getting a notification that there was an update so I opened the app and the update was for Lightroom CC so I deleted it. This has also deleted my Lightroom 6 and now when I try to reinstall my licences copy of Lightroom 6 and enter the serial number then reach the option of 'install' or 'try' I get the message "OS requirement not met" and "Windows Vista not supported"

      I have had Windows 7 on this desktop from new so why is it reading Vista as my OS? I have deleted the CC app but I still get the same problem when trying to install my disc.

      As I'm retired I can neither afford or justify moving onto CC so I'm desperate to get my lightroom back up and running, any ideas?


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