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    Twilight Photo Rejected for "Exposure Issue"


      Hey all, still new to being a Stock contributor and am learning some of the things to watch out for, including rejections for making images too stylized. This one, however, I can't figure out. It's a twilight cityscape, which was rejected for "Exposure Issues" (obviously my watermark was not in the submitted version. There's a full histogram and the exposure looks correct to me, based on the time of day and the look and feel I was going for. Blacks aren't really clipped anywhere and highlights are under control as well. Does an actual human always review these, or are they sometimes put through an automated scrubbing process that checks the histogram or something?


      What would you recommend to make this image compliant? I took special care to remove all brand names and trademarks in post, but I don't want to overdo an exposure bump and have it look stupid.