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    Changes made with Healing tool in Lightroom CC not being saved

    jsopoci Level 1

      In October, 2016, I traveled to Egypt and unfortunately ended up with dirty sensors causing lots of spots on my photos. I spent days in Lightroom CC with the healing tool removing them all (and checking "Done" at completion of work on each photo). I reviewed all photos and all was well. However, I came back to those photos some weeks later only to discover the spots were back. I can't say that all affected photos reverted, but certainly most of them. I corrected them again. Recently I uploaded a number of these photos to an online photo book site to create a book of this trip and I discovered that on several photos the spots are back again. I am extremely frustrated! Has anyone else had this problem? What am I missing in my workflow that is causing this? I always stay up to date with updates to Lightroom. Is there any chance that updates to the program may be causing this? Thank you for any tips you can send my way!