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    cfdocument vs cfhtmltopdf


      My website is down after my CF11 migration because the documentation never mentioned how difficult it was to get cfdocument working in CF11 in https.

      I never thought such a big change would not be well-documented in the myriad of migration guides I consulted before the migration.


      Question:  Does the CF11 cfdocument only work with Word and Powerpoint and all the rest of the cfdocument functionality was transferred into the new cfhtmltopdf tag?


      If so, if you were used to enveloping the content you wanted in cfdocument, why does cfhtmltopdf want a source?  Do we have to write the content to some temp file and then call the cfhtmltopdf tag?


      Question:  Do you need to have the PDF service running to use cfdocument?


      How do you configure this with https?  The standard examples are so vanilla they are unhelpful.


      Chuck Beckwith