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    Quick Flash CS3 Question

      So I had some help with a template and was able to create my website basically how I wanted it but I have a problem creating new flash webpages. My website is www.alliancedirect.net.

      First off: if you go to my website you can see that the top links in the white all go to a flash page which I edited. The links on the left: "Refinance, Purchase, Loss Mitigation" is not linked up to any flash page along with the resource center. I already have all the documents for my resource center done but I don't know how to link it to flash. I have them in pdf or any form already done but I want it to be a flash for the page to load on the page itself. I also have a flash live chat but when you click it; it opens up in a new page. Is it possible to incorporate within the flash and page itself?

      The site uses action script 1 and I assume you can't just "convert" it to a higher action script, correcT? I would appreciate any feedback and input and I love new things so I have learned a lot on flash myself and tried to comprehend the directions as much as possible so I am quick to my feet. Thanks again!