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    Error AGREEMENT_NOT_SIGNABLE when requesting a signing URL

    roman2017 Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I'm creating an agreement via Sign API like this:

      1. upload a document

      2. create an agreement

      3. get the signing URL to redirect user to sign


      It often works, but sometimes on step 3 I get a 404 with

      {"code":"AGREEMENT_NOT_SIGNABLE","message":"The agreement is not currently waiting for anyone to sign it"}


      And even in the case of error the user is still able to sign the agreement with the link he received via email.


      I'd like to know if my flow is correct(it seems so, since it works mostly). What does the error mean — is it a race condition and I just have to retry? Or are there edge cases I'm missing?


      Thank you

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          aah08b Level 1

          I have run into this issue as well. As you suggest, it seems to be a race condition and retrying is likely the best option.


          My application will try to retrieve the signing URL up to ten times before giving up. It rarely takes more than three or four tries. Because of the delay, you may also want to display some sort of animated loading indicator to let users know that things are still working in the background.