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    ColdFusion 2016 Licence Upgrade deadline

    James Randell



      We have a ColdFusion 10 SaaS product that we're working on to bring it up to ColdFusion 2016 compliance. However, we have recently learned that the upgrade path will not be available to us after May 2017 (http://blogs.coldfusion.com/post.cfm/non-availability-of-upgrade-pricing-from-coldfusion-1 0-to-coldfusion-2016-release?utm_source=FusionReactor+Customer+15%2F05%2F2017).


      As we are not in a position to upgrade just yet, we still don't want to loose the ability to upgrade at a lower price point instead of purchasing new licences outright.


      My question is, would we be able to pay for the upgraded licences now (ColdFusion 10 to ColdFusion 2016) but continue to use the existing ColdFusion 10 keys until we are in a position to upgrade our servers to ColdFusion 2016, when we would simply swap them out and use the new keys?


      I've reached out to Adobe directly regarded this and haven't had a response, I figured the forums would be the next suitable step!


      Many thanks.