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    What are the advantages to using BlazeDS or Granite?

      We have decided to use Flex3 to upgrade our UI. We have heard good things about using Granite Data Services, but it requires jdk5 or higher, and the same for BlazeDS.

      We are currently using Websphere 6.0 and are discussing our environment options: replace Websphere with JBoss 4.2 (Sun jdk6), upgrade to Websphere 6.1 (IBM jdk5), or keep the current Websphere 6.0 (IBM jdk4). The concerns are upgrade cost, and time to develop and qa any changes to the environment.

      We would like to get some feedback on pros and cons of using Flex with these three environments. If we stay with jdk4, will we spend nn% more time writing code that could have been done out of the box with Granite? Are there improvements with memory, speed, etc. using Flex with a later version of the jdk? Will development time be shorter with a later version of the jdk? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Flex with WebSphere versus JBoss?

      Thanks for your input!