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    Opening Photoshop CS6 when clicking on a JPEG or CR2 file


      If I have Photoshop Cs6 open for editing a JPEG image, and then double click on another image in windows explorer, it won't then open into Photoshop. Instead I get the error message that another copy of Photoshop is already running and I will have to close it first.


      It's not a problem if I go into photoshop and open the image via the in built menus but it's verty inconvenient to have to do this.


      Also, if I dont have Photoshop open when I click the image in explorer it then loads up normally. It's the subsequent images that give the problems


      This didn't happen when I used Photoshop Elements, and I'm hoping there is a way to stop this happening in CS6 and just allow the images to open up.