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    RH Search not working in files with all-cap filenames

    CletusQMaggot Level 1

      Hi all,


      This one has me stumped.


      Some of the files in our RH projects are in all upper-case.  In these all-cap files, the RH search isn't working, even if I copy'n'paste the term from the content into the Find box.  (It DOES work if I search the source, but just searching the page doesn't.)


      If I duplicate the file and the dupe is in lower-case, search works like you'd expect.


      In the example below, the same term is in both of these files. But you can only get a search result on the acheck file -- the ACTRENUM one returns zilch.




      My *guess* is the problem is more with the .HTML extension than the filename itself, but a guess is all it is.


      Has anyone seen this before? And maybe encountered a way to fix it without duplicating possibly dozens of files? (This is RH 2015 btw)