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    Missing fonts

    perrybrus Level 2

      I have just a limited amount of fonts showing in my Xd font list, it occurs only in Xd and not in any other app. I'm using W10. I have no weird font manager tool or anything like that. My fonts are all valid OT and TT files. I read that I'm not the only one having this issue but seems to me that each issue is unique and that Xd struggles with fonts? What's up with this? Any progress?

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi Perrybus,


          I suggest contacting Adobe tech support contact-bumper  for further investigation. They can log a bug for you if necessary.




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            perrybrus Level 2



            That link just took me on a never ending merry go round. Looks to me that everything instable in Xd is a bug, so what's the purpose of this forum compared to any bug report site? Did you mean to direct me to this: https://adobexd.uservoice.com/ 

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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Which fonts are showing up in the list in XD?  And can you give a few examples of fonts that show up in other apps but are not listed in XD?

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                perrybrus Level 2

                I have no way of copying the font list from Xd but it seems to be a random list of fonts, but it's much shorter than whats on my system. I lack heaps of typefaces. Roboto, Helvetica, Oswald, Bodoni, Gotham, Nexa, Century -  I could go on forever. I have an extensive  collection of typefaces installed and what's available in Xd is just a fraction.   

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                  Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                  Did these missing fonts come from Typekit / Creative Cloud, or another font management system?  Or are they fonts you've installed manually yourself?

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                    perrybrus Level 2

                    All my fonts are in my default Windows font folder. No Typekit. No CC storage of fonts. My fonts are all available in other Adobe apps such as PS, Illu and IND - but not in Xd.

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                      Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                      I can tack on a little here as well.


                      Standard boilerplate, which I think you've already covered:


                      1. You have to restart XD after modifying the system font collection in order for those changes to show up in XD

                      2. XD may not display fonts installed to with the default font manager to the default location (they should show up in Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts) (thread on this topic)

                      3. Early versions of Windows Anniversary Update had some issues with fonts synced via Typekit (anything before build 14393.351)


                      With that said, I think the next steps are to collect system information and try to have one of our developers reproduce the issue. Towards that end, it would be helpful to know:


                      1. Which OS/version are you on? (It sounds like you're on Windows, so you can run winver to get something like Version 1607 OS Build 14393.xxx)

                      2. Which version of XD are you running (Should look like 0.6.xx.xx)?

                      3. Could you share one of the problematic fonts with us? This might be easiest if one of the fonts is freely available online and you could point us to where you downloaded it from.


                      I've been able to install and use Gotham, Bodoni 72, and Roboto, so there are probably some specifics we need to figure out about this particular issue.


                      Thanks for your help in tracking this down,


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                        perrybrus Level 2

                        Hi. I'm replying from outside of work an since I'm not on W10 at home I can't track down those numbers now. I will return to my Windows 10 workstation in 5 days time. There are no available updates for W10 so I must be running the very last available version. I just had our IT manager look that over and he verified that just two days ago cause I wanted to know. We just converted to W10 and he made sure the last updates was installed. In terms of Xd there are no available updates, last CC update I installed was this morning - 24th of May. The font issues are still the same.


                        As mentioned earlier my typefaces are all fine. They are all available in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Axure and all programs I use in my daily work, but not in Xd. When browsing trough issue descriptions for Xd online I find that others also share this issue, the fonts available in the Xd font list is not complete and very restricted. I have a mix of free fonts from Google Fonts and licenced fonts on my system. The latter is bought from different vendors like Hoefler & Co. Font Bureau, Myfont etc. My free fonts are picked up online trough the years and I've been using them in Adobe programs for 17 years most of them. I could send you hundreds of fonts but I really don't see the value in doing so? When I compare my PS font list with my Xd font list the difference is huge, must be over 50 typefaces missing in Xd. Let's take Gotham for instance, that's my latest purchase. I bought that from Hoefler & Co last year. It's not available in my Xd font list. There's no way to attach a zip file in this editor, only possible to *** html links and image files as far as I can see.


                        PS: On Monday I checked a colleagues Xd setup and he actually had Gotham available in Xd but he was missing lots of other fonts. So seems like this font issue is rather random, but seems like its pretty consistent as a problem. We are both running the same OS version cause we emigrated at the very same day and did the same updates. Same with Xd.

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                          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                          Hello Again,


                          I am sorry this continues to be an issue for you. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to reproduce this on our end, which means we need to understand a bit more about your setup. This will hopefully allow us to zero-in on what configuration causes the issue.


                          The two biggest factors we need to test are often Windows and XD versions. It is easiest if we can get the version numbers from you, as the latest automatic updates can occasionally still result in different versions in specific circumstances. As I mentioned above, the easiest way to get the Windows version is by running "winver", which should yield a result like "Version 1607 Build 14393.xxx". The XD version can be found under the hamburger menu under "Help > About XD" and should look like "Version 0.6.xx.xx".


                          I was also hoping you could let us know how many typefaces you have installed. In your fonts folder (Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts), you should be able to get the number of items. I am wondering if this problem shows up with a large number of installed fonts, so I wanted to double check that we test with something around the number you have installed.


                          Thank you again for helping us resolve this issue,


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                            perrybrus Level 2



                            Sorry for late response but I've been preforming some actions in order to resolve the issue. I went trough my Windows font folder to see if I lost some fonts when I converted from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I thought perhaps some licensed fonts demanded re-installment to be valid with a new Adobe app. I re-installed Gotham to try this theory out and it worked. It obviously needed to be re-installed to be available in Xd. I have no idea why it is like this cause as mentioned earlier the same typeface was available in the other Adobe apps that was installed earlier. Now I need to go trough a plethora of fonts in the same manner cause the fontlist in Xd is still restricted, however, for reasons unknown the list is a little larger now than when I first posted this issue.


                            NB: I have no Help link in my Xd menu. I'm running the latest version as there are no updates available in the CC installer.


                            There are not Fonts option under Appearance and Personalization in my Windows 10 OS. My OS version is 1607, build 14393.1198.


                            I had a look in my Windows font folder and counted 186 typefaces, but remember that weights are not counted and some fonts carry 10-15 built in weights in addition to what's counted in the folder.

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                              Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                              Hi again,


                              Thank you for getting back to us. It sounds like re-installing the missing fonts can work around the issue for you, so I would definitely recommend taking that approach while we continue to dig into this on our end. I was searching for similar issues, and it sounds like installed fonts may not always cleanly make the jump during a Win OS system upgrade (something along these lines).


                              We use the system font collection to list fonts in XD, and we have occasionally run into issues where that font collection can be fragile (such as having fonts installed outside the default folder, eg via MainType). Other Adobe applications have a bit more maturity in this area, so it sounds like they are able to work around some issues with the system font collection we haven't quite been able to yet.


                              We'll continue to investigate, but hopefully the workaround will help you move forward,


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                                perrybrus Level 2

                                You were referring to a help link in the Xd menu? As mentioned that is not available here. No available updates.

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                                  elainecc Adobe Employee

                                  You should be able to find the version number by clicking on the hamburger menu, then looking at the bottom of that list (you might have to scroll). There should be a section called "About" that will give you the version number of the application you're running.






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                                    perrybrus Level 2

                                    I'm running I have no available updates.

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                                      elainecc Adobe Employee

                                      As Bear said, we're looking into this right now, but it looks like something happened during your upgrade to Windows 10. My question is: is the list that you get in XD the same that you get in Notepad or WordPad?





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                                        Aleksandra Wolska Level 1



                                        I have the same problem, but using font managment tool (Font Suitcase). My installed fonts are visible in all Adobe apps, MS Office and even in fonts folder in Windows. However - they are not active in XD (fonts from Typekit works fine).


                                        It is a way to "restore" them, I hope it will shed some light on this problem. To do so I have to trun XD off, "unactivate" all fonts that I want to use, "activate" them and then turn XD on (it also works fine when I turn off and on again after installing fonts). It looks to me like XD have an issue with searching fonts in database, especially ones installed while its running.


                                        Windows 10 / Adobe XD

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                                          elainecc Adobe Employee

                                          I'm curious to know if the same thing happens to the native applications running on your machine (say, Notepad). We get the list of fonts directly from the operating system.




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                                            perrybrus Level 2

                                            Notepad doesn't carry any font properties. In Word my list of fonts is complete, and as mentioned earlier in this thread all my other Adobe apps populates the font list completely. It's on Xd that it doesn't. I had to re-install many fonts and even then it didn't show all of what I had installed. Seems to me that Xd handles these typeface matters in a quite unstable manner. At least on Windows 10 where I'm at.

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                                              Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                                              Hi again,


                                              Thank you for continuing to work through this with us. Could you give us an example of a font that is still not working after re-installation? It sounds like Gotham and a couple others started working, but I would definitely like to check out any that continue to cause problems.



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                                                perrybrus Level 2

                                                Takes alot of time to go trough my whole list to identify what's missing in action so to speak, however in addition to the fonts available in other Adobe apps and not Xd I also found some typefaces that's not available in any Adobe app as well after I converted from W7 to W10. So it's a complex issue.


                                                From the fonts that's available in all Adobe apps but not Xd I can mention Gotham, Nexa, Sans Pro, PT sans and Proxima Nova. There's more from what I can see just by looking at the shorter scrollbar in the Xd font list but I don't think I have the time to run trough and compare. I will re-install all my fonts an override whats already there, or else it will take a month to pick and choose manually.


                                                NB: All the MS apps from the Office 360 package populated all of my fonts with not issues at all, so perhaps MS have a different way of doing this - I don't know.

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                                                  bartek.matoga Level 1

                                                  I am having a similar problem.

                                                  I have Windows 10 with latest updates and the recent version of XD.

                                                  When I open a prototype, I get an alert about missing fonts, even though the fonts are installed (in a standard, manual way) and I can select them from the list in XD.

                                                  Example: Montserrat-Extra Bold

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                                                    joshua miron

                                                    I have noticed two things, maybe:


                                                    1. I'm not certain, but I think I have discovered that if you can find an XD file that uses a font that you have installed but are missing in your fonts list and you open it up, that font subsequently becomes available for you in XD.


                                                    For example, Apple's SF fonts are installed on my system, but I think were among the fonts missing in the font drop down in XD.


                                                    I downloaded a UI kit for Apple iOS from XD's hamburger menu > Get UI Kits and once I'd opened it up, voila, SF Pro Display and SF Pro Text were suddenly available everywhere.


                                                    2. The other thing I've noticed, is that the Helvetica and Helvetica Neue fonts installed on my system (which aren't showing up in XD) don't show Font name / Version / OpenType Layout information at the top of them if I actually browse to the fonts folder and open up the ttf file.  Most or all of my other fonts have this.  The Helvetica families are the only ones I know to be missing in XD at this point (without going through the whole list to be sure).


                                                    So maybe there is something odd about the Helvetica and Helvetica Neue font files that XD is less accommodating of than other programs (such as Photoshop or MS Word).


                                                    I'm running Windows 10.

                                                    I'm using Adobe XD version (just updated a day or two ago).

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                                                      Aleksandra Wolska Level 1



                                                      I've just noticed interesting thing. I'm using Windows 10 and FontBase as font manager.


                                                      Fonts installed on my drive (in folder "Fonts" in Windows files) works fine, but all of that activated by FontBase aren't visible. I wanted to work in XD so I've decided that I will simply manually install fonts that I need to design website on my conputer and funny thing happend.


                                                      After installing one font and turning off and on Adobe XD app, all fonts (including ones activated by FontBase) are avabible on list and I can use it. It works that way every time - after every rebooting of Windows I have to install one font to access all database. It looks to me like Windows are refreshing some kind of informations after installing fonts and XD uses that list instead of list of accually installed fonts.

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                                                        Marcplaticolab Level 1

                                                        Hello, i'll have to join in to this complaint as well.


                                                        I'm on windows 10 and on Adobe XD version I use Nexusfont to manage my fonts, i don't install fonts directory to my windows font folders but use Nexusfont to install my fonts from my personal font folder. Photoshop, Illustrator, and every other Adobe product, along with every Microsoft Office product find all my installed font. except XD.


                                                        Is there a solution for this? clearly XD is the issue.

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                                                          georgesa54459449 Level 1

                                                          Exact same thing happened to me. XD won't recognize my FontBase collection. Copied only 1 font from my font family to Windows 10 fonts folder, restarted XD, all my FontBase fonts are now usable.

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                                                            Is there anyway that this information could be embedded in XD? I know a TON of people that aren’t utilizing XD for this very reason. Especially when they cant use 3rd party extensions like Extensis Suitcase Fusion or FontExplorer.

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                                                              elainecc Adobe Employee

                                                              Can you check to see if the fonts are also available in WordPad? If they’re not available there, it’s a known issue with Windows – font managers that had fonts installed before an OS update to Win10 don’t migrate correctly. If you uninstall and reinstall the fonts, they should show up in XD. Let me know if that works!

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                                                                Aleksandra Wolska Level 1

                                                                I'm afraid it's not that problem. I've just checked WordPad and all font are available there. In Adobe XD (last update) still missing.


                                                                I'm not sure if it will be helpful in any way but interesting thing is that in Chrome (or any other browser) fonts installed by FontBase isn't available as well (after clicking "inspect" and trying to change font-family manually by typing name). It seems that it works the same way - use the same list of fonts.

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                                                                  imaads12912151 Level 1

                                                                  Restarting the XD app solved my issue (of not all the font style from the font family being visible in XD)

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                                                                    X-Trait Communications

                                                                    I have similar problems with some of my fonts in XD

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                                                                      X-Trait Communications Level 1

                                                                      I opened up a blank document in XD and typed out my newly installed font that didn't work in my previous project and it worked. When I reopened my previous project that had the font bug it 'miraculously' worked. The font seemed to have kicked in correctly. So it`s a work around but it worked for me.

                                                                      • 32. Re: Missing fonts
                                                                        Preran Adobe Employee

                                                                        Thank you for sharing your workaround solution here. It should help other users with a similar issue.




                                                                        • 33. Re: Missing fonts
                                                                          fabiank43580863 Level 1

                                                                          Same problem. The "workaround" is not a  solution for me. Fonts are available in all other apps! Im missing a lot of fonts in XD. Please fix this! Otherwise we can't use XD anymore.

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                                                                            Any Updates here? Seems the problem is still not solved yet, I am experiencing the same issue every day. Sometimes my fonts work, but mostly they don't. I then make as many system relaunches as necessary until finally everything works. That's annoying (and, in the end, expensive).